Monday, October 19, 2009

(500) Days of Summer

It was out in theaters in July, but for some reason, only in TGV, Sunway Pyramid and KLCC or something like that, so I don't think I'll be watching it on screen. But the DVD's out on December 22.

I'll be waiting. ;)

Monday, August 31, 2009

To Lumut, for Jenn!! [part 1]

Jenn had to extend her stay at lumut, so i decided to go surprise her there and fetch her back safely after that xp i told her i'll be going there with my parents, but invited the whole hmc family and a few other important friends to come along :D

after about a week of uncertainty whether it'll work or not and asking parents and booking hotels, only 4 of us had confirmed to go: nick, david, dudu and i, dudu having confirmed the day before departure.

so yea, dudu and i completed the timetabling (with jenn on the phone xD) by 3.20pm on friday, and waited for david for 20 mins, went to fill petrol (RM85 zomg) and picked nick up from the bangsar lrt station. thus the 3 hr journey began :D

nick. he came right after work, so yea.


proof that we were on the road :D

lol. man hing ming han xD

david sia. 2nd place in a cooking competition full of 5 star restaurants. awesomeeee.

dudu, co-pilot of the day moment. i was driving :D


could be epic-er lol

"dei, jangan fishing kat sane!!!" - adapted quote from dudu who found it so funny for some reason o_o

it was getting dark. the people were getting tired. but our destination was at hand :D

ZOMGZOMGZOMGZOMG JENNNNNN!!!! XD missed her so much x) overexposed, i know xp

lol. look at david's expression. (nick's expressions are ALWAYS screwed up)


lol. another view of the preview. that's my hat and nick's mask.

"oh look, cat!!!" says jenn.

lol. it's like dudu's laughing at some epic-fail moment caused by david. can't remember what we were talking about actually..

let's all open our mouths and stare at anything we want without getting caught cuz we're wearing sunglasses!!
..horny bastard. LOL

we went around town to look for some nightlife. jenn said there's nothing, but there was a mamak, a night market, 7-11, bars n bistros and lotsa other stuff. you just gotta go out more when you're in lumut, jenn xp though i'd understand why you don't know abt those places, having to waitress every night ><

we got mud cakes n apple crumble with ice-cream at abt 3am in the morning. don't blame me for my face. -.-

hahahahahahah. as i told you, his face is ALWAYS screwed up xD


aww. david's emoing. jane was in perth.


no. *sticks tongue out* bleeeeh *chokes* *pukes spoon*

observe my intense focus. wondering how i could've swallowed the spoon.

emo kid tries to get drunk.
haha no la, he wasn't that emo. or at least he didn't really show much emoness.
dang, i noticed that i didn't catch any pictures of jenn here >< but that's cuz i needed both hands to hold her xp

nick: "ben, that's garlic."

dudu's camera at the ready. i like this pic xp
..that doesn't have anything to do with the fact that i had to half take a picture of his crotch =.=

stop looking at me.

*acts cute* can i has some fish pleez?

i told you. look at me one more time and i'll burst your balls. *walks away*

flashed cuz the background was bright.


see what i told you about his expression?

nick stole my camera. i stole dudu's. wait, who's that kid actually?

jenn's auntie ching. and yeah jenn cut her hair xp

some soup noodles thing.

"wo shi lala." *claps hands on top of each other* "pak pak"

david looking all waiter-y. we gotta do something for him sometime!!

feed him steamed fish? err. well..

okay, maybe crap crabs cooked prawn style?

no dudu, you can't blow trumpet sounds with a crab's leg.

jennnn xpxpxpxpxp

jason mraz people.

"hey ben."
"zomgzomg wut wut?? o.o"
heh. it just looks like that.

jenn was sick most of the time >< this was one of her good times. please get better soon ><

nyum nyum. craaaaab.

you like crab too, nyum nyum?

nick's mess.

nick seems to have a fetish with people drinking. GUYS drinking.

jenn: ewwww. slimy thing from the soup. ben: hmmm. crab this is?

jenn's granddad and aunt. jenn's granddad can drive at abt 86!! mine can too, but he's not as old. awesoooome.

waiting for jenn's aunt who was running errands.

myjenn x)

ilove x)

gonna post more when i can. this is taking forever -.-